Usana Review, Is Usana A Good Business Opportunity?

In this USANA review a good business opportunity? 

Over the last seven years in the MLM industry, I’ve had hundreds of people approach me about becoming involved in the USANA review business. 

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Obviously being actively involved in the Network Marketing community makes this happen to me more than others, but for your benefit, I wanted to give an unbiased review of the USANA business from an opportunity perspective.

Usana Review

First, there are a few areas that you need to evaluate an older company like USANA review before you get involved. 

USANA review started in 1992 and has been marketing high-quality nutritional products all around the world for more than 17 years at the time of this writing, and they certainly have a profitable track record.

There are some definite potential upsides to being involved in an older company like USANA, and there are some downsides. 

While quality branding and company age definitely have a plus in giving you a general feeling of stability, it’s a well-known fact that it takes a significantly increased amount of work to sponsor people into an older company than it is to bring them on board a newer organization.

The benefits of USANA are clear. 

They have a scientifically based, peer-reviewed product that stands on its own, independent of the compensation plan or ability to earn income.  One of the biggest problems that MLM distributors have is they often get involved with companies just because they can make a lot of money, but when it comes down to it, the product just isn’t worth the price.

With USANA, you are in the hands of an expert team of scientists who know how to keep their products on the cutting edge of nutritional research.  However, if you’re looking at an opportunity, the product isn’t all that matters.

Oftentimes, I’ve been pitched by USANA distributors who think that a great product and an ok comp plan are reason enough to be in business, and nothing could be further from the truth.  I like to take a look at market size and market penetration, and evaluate a business from an opportunity to competition standpoint.

When I look at USANA from an opportunity standpoint, I would have much rather become involved in the early 90′s or even at the turn of the century.  While it would be a fairly simple thing to become involved in USANA and make a few thousand dollars a month retailing their excellent nutritional products, creating passive wealth through leveraging the efforts of thousands of people is a much more difficult task because of nutritional MLM market saturation.

The fact is, that although the nutritional industry is nearing a trillion dollars, people have been pitched so many times by nutritional companies that there is an immediate subconscious resistance to listening to nutritional MLM opportunity presentations.  I’m not saying that because I don’t like these companies, I’m simply being unbiased.

Even though USANA is backed by rock-solid science, people still see it as another vitamin company.  Now this is an objection that can be overcome through a good exposure process, and I certainly use a lot of products from different nutritional MLM companies, but you just have to look at it as a business decision.

Do you want to build an organization where you have to overcome a massive amount of unconscious resistance?  Or would you rather build your business in a way that is attractive to the general public?

The biggest thing I can recommend if you’re going to join USANA is that you learn how to MARKET your business in a way that removes resistance in your prospects, and you’ll find that you get fewer objections in your marketing process.  Personally, I’ve found that I can take my skill sets in marketing and sponsor 2-3 people per day into any business that I choose, but it took me a long time to develop those skills and the fact is that I wouldn’t want to have to develop them in an environment where there was an increased sales resistance due to an oversaturated market.

There IS money to be made in USANA but decide for yourself whether it’s a good business or not.  Just whatever you do, learn the essential skills that will enable you to create massive profitability, remove sales resistance, and sponsor people without overcoming stupid objections all day and night.

The cool thing about how I build my business is that it works in any company, and if you’ve got a great product to market and a killer compensation plan, you’ll rock the world of any opportunity you join, and it doesn’t even matter if you’ve never succeeded in MLM before.  Fill out the form on the right of this page to learn my exact sponsoring process over the next 8 days.

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