Primerica Scam – A Review on Primerica’s Business Opportunity

Primerica scam is something thought of a lot. Much has been said on whether or not the Primerica scam company is a scam or not. They have been in business for a long period and I honestly think they’re here to stay.

Primerica scam really true or is it really a legitimate business opportunity?

The only way to find out if the Primerica scam is true is to take a closer look at the company, the product, and the opportunity that it says it offers. Some people, consider the Primerica scam as the answer to their financial needs but for others, it does not work simply and some of them had a bad memory of the company.

Here is basic information about the Primerica scam so you can make up your mind and make the right decision on whether or not you should join this company.

Primerica is a company that specializes in personal financial support and they started in the year 1977 for the purpose of trying to revolutionize the industry of life industry. The company has around 300,000 employees and is serving more than six million clients from all over the world.

Primerica scam review

The product that the company is selling is term life insurance along with investment services including stock brokerage services and mutual funds.

In addition, the company is also offering debt consolidation loans, mutual fund investments, variable annuities, and long-term care insurance. The company is offering each customer the opportunity to be one of the representatives and sell their products either on a part-time or full basis with a start-up fee and with needed training.

At present, a lot of people are without employment, and they struggle to make ends meet and so selling the products and services that Primerica offers is proved to be quite difficult when many people are not able to afford them. The company uses a multi-level style business as a structure that requires selling to family and friends that is not always the most popular or the best way to run a lasting business.

The main issue with the business opportunity of Primerica?

It does not appear any information on its website about the ways to get started with the company, the cost to get started, or whether you have to recruit new members or not. Although they say it is possible for you to recruit new members, the sad truth is that you will not advance to a higher level of compensation and you should be a salesman who will sell the products and services of the Primerica scam in order for you to make money.

Primerica insurance companies and people usually start marketing to family member to advertise.

Primerica markets its products through two channels: through Primerica’s network of independent agents, each of which recruits their own sales force; and through direct marketing business model. Primerica operates in the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom and it not a pyramid scheme and you may need a background check. Primerica has been in business for 40 years +.

The regional vice president position is a key position in the hierarchy of the company, which is responsible for creating and implementing broad strategic goals. Primerica’s Regional Vice Presidents are accountable for overseeing the work of all field staff, all products and services, and all market segments.

Sometimes people market the company wrong offering people financially independent through joining the company and saying that it is easy to go full time.

It may be a great company and a good idea to join but the bottom line is that nothing is easy in life and you must work hard to be financially free in any network marketing company.

They do not have generated leads or marketing plans which means you are on your own when it comes to finding clients or getting referrals.

Although Primerica’s scam is not true, the absence of pertinent information from the website of the company sounds to be alarming as to whether or not it really has the business opportunity it claims to offer. Finding out more information about how the company started, how their compensation plan works, and how to make money out of selling through reviews can help you gain more insights into whether this company is what you need or not.

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