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Power Donation Warframe Please help me by donating to Quahlity Designs and helping me go full time and expand my business to new heights.

You Can also donate by using my Go Fundme link https://gofund.me/cc608dd5

I am a self-taught designer who has been working on various projects since 2002 when I graduated from college with a degree in graphic design. My passion for art, sewing, textiles led me into the world of fashion design where my skills have continued to grow ever since.

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anders dakin

Hi, my name is Anders Dakin and I am an online website Designer and Digital Marketer.

I create websites for business owners and recently just started a Website Design company.

I am having problems scaling and my ad budget isn't high so I am having to use organic traffic through google.


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I have been working as a part-time designer for the past two years, but now I am ready to take it up a notch with your support! If you are interested in helping out in any way possible, please contact me.