Amway Review – Should You Join Amway?

In this Amway review, the distributors and sellers have come to realize that selling their opportunity to others is a powerful way of generating fast cash.

Amway has a proven system of teaching its distributors how to make money, and it does not require any high cost to get started.

There are no expensive seminars or expensive training to purchase. Amway offers simple guidelines that allow anyone to get started quickly, and have a powerful income-generating business without an expensive investment.

Amway review

The Amway business model differs from other network marketing opportunities in that the vast majority of distributors do not initially have a sales team.

The reason for this is that Amway does not feature a traditional sales structure. As a result, most distributors join the program as direct selling companies or a distributor.

What separates this Amway Review from all the other ones?

Because distributors work as independent contractors, their sole responsibility is to sell the products of another company.

Because of this lack of a downline and a product line, Amway makes money by recruiting new distributors.

Each new distributor pays a joining commission to the marketing company, called a “commission”.
The compensation plan can make a distributor good money, but it is also fair to the distributor since they can decide what percentage they want to take. They don’t have to worry about putting any money into a downline.

It is also worth noting that while a direct selling opportunity lacks a downline and compensation plan, the Amway business model is perfectly workable without those things, and actually is the perfect business opportunity for someone who wants freedom and control over his or her own career.

One of the things that I heard repeatedly from Amway distributors and the Amway website itself, is that Amway is a scam. I was actually surprised that this came from an Amway review.

As with any network marketing company, distributors have complaints about not getting paid, not receiving their initial product, etc. But the Amway distributors who I spoke with were quick to tell me that they would never experience anything less than success with Amway.

While there are many countries where Amway has distributors, the largest market in the United States, and Amway International does have distributors in many countries.

The distributor compensation plan is based on the income level you have as of the date of this Amway review.

You earn commissions based on your direct sales of products and services, and no matter what your income level, you will be able to qualify for some type of marketing incentive. If you are a skilled specialist in the health and wellness MLM industry.

You will be able to take advantage of the many opportunities to grow your income and you’re downline.

A lot of the people I spoke to had a difficult time quitting because they were feeling burned by the poor financial results Amway had produced in the past.

However, I didn’t find that to be the case with the majority of the Amway distributors I spoke with.

While some distributors got a little frustrated with the fact that their upline was not promoting their downlines to the degree that they needed to be in order to make money, most distributors spoke very highly of the marketing system overall. If you are struggling financially,

I would suggest you look into this opportunity as a way to quit your day job and work from home on your own schedule.

One downside to Amway is that they do have their own product lines, which can pose some challenges to those who are new to multi-level marketing companies.

However, once you become comfortable selling their products and services, the business model should begin to make sense to you. For me, after I faced numerous investigations by my auditors and the FTC, the idea of having a home business where I did not face financial hardships seemed very appealing.

The Amway Review gave me the knowledge I needed to decide if joining Amway was for me or not. Although the review did not mention any negative aspects of the business model.

I did see that the compensation plan was not for the average distributor. The top distributors made literally millions of dollars per year and had little to no overhead expenses. The average distributor made less than a few hundred dollars per year and had very little or no overhead costs.

Amway definitely has its advantages, but I decided that I could not live the Amway lifestyle unless there was an alternative to the distributor compensation plan.

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