When it comes to building a brand, there are many elements that can be used for your website. When designing your website, it’s important to be realistic. Your website should reflect your target audience.

For instance, what is the purpose of your website? Is it a place where you sell products?

These include colors, fonts, and imagery.

Are You Using Html Code

Sometimes you may  actually have to know a few bits and peaces of code when you are creating blog post even when you dont know it ....

Things from html anchor link tags. You want to input ad code you nead a bit basic knowledge...Branding can be a personal, psychological act. It’s something that is done with your clients

Using wordpress?

Even if you are using WordPress you need to know abit of the basic setups if you want to have it formatted the way you like


Plugins Are?

Plugins are a way of putting coded elements to a site or wanting to do backend programming of a website...

You can just use a blogger blog???

Thats the face you might get of a Website designer and someone who know the benefit of haveing a dot.com domain..